About Us

Real Red Rhythm is a Bass, Drums & Guitar (in that order !) trio playing groove driven, jazz dipped, psychadelic blues rock

We play catchy original tunes and reimagined covers with a feel good vibe to get you up dancing, singing along, or simply standing and raising your glass in approval - - - You remember, like we used to do......before the plague came along and ruined all the fun

Drawing on the sounds, the rhythms and the melodies of the Motown, Memphis soul, bands from the Woodstock era, we will be bringing you tunes that have been part of our lives, and new tunes you will be humming in your head long after we have left the stage.

So what are you really in for? To quote Chris: "We're going to play you some......Pornography for the ears"

Prepare to embark on a musical journey that takes you from folk, to funk, to groove, to riffs to searing electric guitar psychedelia and back again into a timeless bluesy swing before melting your mind all over again with Latin percussion mayhem and beyond. No two performances are ever the same.

Real Red Rhythm is a rare opportunity to see seasoned talented musicians letting loose and doing what they love.


Sat 7:00pm
Railway Hotel
Windsor NSW

Our triumphant return with new fresh original tunes. Watch This Space


Coming soon

Reach Out

Reach out directly
Ph: +61 405 555 217
love (at) realredrhythm.com

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