What Are The Most Common Uses of Corrugated Cartons in Packaging?

August 12, 2015

The corrugated box and carton was originally used for packaging pottery and glass. It is composed of a fluted corrugated or ribbed sheet with one or two flat linerboards. Generally, the fiberboard is over 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) thick.

Compared to flat fiberboard of equal mass, corrugated fiberboard has a greater stiffness, especially parallel to the corrugations. The design makes it more durable and resistant to bending. For the most part, corrugated cartons meet the needs of many products being shipped. It can withstand compression, vibration, shock, moisture, and much more.

Corrugated cartons have a wide variety of uses that meet the demands of packaging such as candy boxes, ice cream boxes, pizza boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, packing boxes, corrugated paper rolls, carton boxes, printed shoe boxes, corrugated packaging sheets, duplex carton boxes, vegetables boxes, automobile corrugated boxes, rectangular corrugated boxes, mono cartons, heavy duty corrugated boxes, paper boxes and food boxes.

Some of the benefits of corrugated carton include:


Corrugated cartons are very lightweight, which is a big advantage when it comes to shipping. They are easily transported, shipped and carried. Good examples include pizza boxes, ice cream boxes, packing boxes and many types of food boxes.

Sturdy and Strong

Corrugated cartons are very strong and durable. Plus their sturdiness minimalizes damage that can be caused during shipping. Not only can they withstand heavy weight but they have excellent tear, rupture and malleable strength. This makes them ideal for products that need to be shipped long distance.


Corrugated cartons are a cost effective solution for packaging. For one, they are usually purchased in bulk at a retail price. Their lightweight design also makes them economical to ship. Plus the strong and durable material greatly reduces the costs caused by damage during shipping.


These boxes can be re-shaped, hammered and cut with ease. The quick and easy reshaping allows for a wide range of durable shapes and sizes. In fact, corrugated cartons can typically be custom made. In addition, lithograph printing can make the cartons more appealing and marketable.

Eco Friendly

Corrugated material is Eco friendly and can be reused and reshaped after a particular recycling process. Moreover, they can be compressed and baled for economical transport. Generally, the baled boxes are placed in a large tank of warm water called a hydropulper. Afterwards, the pulp (slurry) is utilized to make new fiber products and paper.

Extremely Customizable with Ultimate Protection

Corrugated cartons can be adjusted so that you have a perfect fit for any product. They come in numerous sizes that can be easily folded into a variety of shapes. In addition, these resilient cartons have a stable cushion that keeps products safe and sound during shipping. And to top it off, the corrugated cardboard can be varied in sizes and thickness to fit your needs.

Easy Design Labeling

Corrugated cartons are known for their smooth surfaces. They have the perfect exterior for printed design labels or stickers. And in today’s competitive market, a professional label is imperative for a lucrative and profitable business.


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