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Tips in Choosing the Right Cake Boxes for your Business

June 5, 2015

If you own or operate a bakery, one of the largest portions of income is in delivery, and whether making a dozen cupcakes or a fanciful cake, when your creation is complete you need to be able to box the product for safe transport. Oftentimes the task can be unnerving. After all, your business relies on safe delivery.

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right sized cake boxes for your business is essential. Too small a fit will smash your creation and if the box is too large the product will slip and slide. Either way, the box needs to be the right size so that the product arrives safe and sound.

Unfortunately, many packaging companies have a limited variety of sizes. Although you can make your goods to fit the box size, there are other problems that may arise. For instance, many clients have special requests for a certain sized cake. Not all special orders are standard size. Besides, why stifle your creativity and artistry by adhering to standard sized products?

A much better option is to have your cake boxes custom made for your individual requirements. At Ragi Packaging Service, we do just that. In addition, we offer a full range of industry sizes not just for cakes boxes but for trays, lids and bases, and finding the right sized cake box at Ragi Packaging Service is quite simple.

Extra Tips: The box needs to be sized to the base board of your cake. The box should be approximately 1 inch larger than your cake so that the sides of the box do not crush the cake. As well, if the cake is shaped like a heart or petal, use the widest part of the board as a measurement.

Cake Bases Need a Specific Thickness

One of the things you need to consider is the thickness of the cake base. Fortunately, cake bases now come in numerous thicknesses as well as sizes. For most single layer cakes, a standard thickness will suffice. However, a strong and durable thickness for the cake base is a big necessity when packaging layered cakes and wedding cakes.

At Ragi Packaging Service, we provide you with a large selection of cake bases that come in numerous sizes, shapes, materials and thicknesses. As well, you can have cake bases custom made to fit your needs.

Standing Out From all the Rest

Today, competition can be fierce. Therefore, it is imperative that your business stand out from all your competitors. The best way for your business to catch the eye of a consumer is with your packaging. After all, first impressions are important; and packaging is no exception.

Instead of the basic white cake box, why not liven up your presentation and business with your personalized logo? In truth, it is an impressive and cost effective way to advertise.

Indeed, a cake box that includes your logo will make a grand statement and stand out from your competitors. Besides, it is another fabulous way to show off your creativity.

With Ragi Packaging Services, you can have a custom made lithographic print for your cake boxes. And if you desire, your business logo can also be printed on the cake trays as well. For more information contact Ragi Packaging Services at:


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