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Tips for a Good Packaging Design

December 16, 2015

A good packaging design does not just involve durability and stackable properties. It entails a great deal of marketing techniques that are appealing to the consumer. In truth, an innovative design includes a variety of features that can actually empower a business.

Unique Appeal

Products that are embraced by numerous consumers got their start with unique and creative packaging. Creative packaging designs involve a different slant on visual stimulation like packaging with a puzzle or maze, collectable items such as paper dolls and packaging with various shapes and patterns. Creativity is most always successful when it is unique.

Choosing Fonts and Color

The color you choose for packaging should enhance the product. The right combination and contrast of colors for the text is also important. Avoid similar tones together such as an orange background with red text. Also, stay clear of fancy fonts because they are too difficult to read. In addition, the text should always be clear and legible. Lithographic printing is the preferred method for crisp and clear text.

Readable Labels

Your labels should always be legible and easy to read. Just remember, a consumer will typically lay a product back down if the label is not clear or readable. A readable label includes a size and font style that is simple to read. Font sizes that are too small usually go unread. Consumers want information and they love to compare products. For the most part, the item that is generally selected is the product with the most readable label. Also, consumers do not have much time to read all labels. If the font is too small then most likely the label will not be read.

Using Images

A good packaging design sometimes has an image. The objective of the picture is to capture the attention of the consumer. Creative images include a picture of the product, a known movie character, a cartoon and other catchy items. When using images, make sure you have high resolution for a crisp image. In addition, the mage should match your product so it is not confusing to consumers.

Create Convenience

A good packaging design will be convenient and easy to use. The design should make life easier for the consumer. Appealing elements include easy-to-open packaging, smaller designs that do not require hard-to-carry packaging and various other streamlined concepts. The easier and handier a design is, the more apt a consumer will purchase the product.


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