The Best Quality Assurance for Your Cardboard Packaging Needs

October 27, 2015

Cardboard packaging is frequently associated with advanced technology solutions. This is because the material is specially engineered using leading-edge manufacturing techniques and specialized design.

In addition, the most common and effective packaging cardboard technique is constructed with corrugated material. Corrugated cardboard is a paper-based material that consists of a fluted sheet and one or two flat liners.

Quality Assurance

The complex construction of cardboard packaging is essential to safeguarding products that need protection from moisture, ability to withstand a variety of weights and offer sustainable packaging results.

For added assurance, corrugated packaging can be customised to carry most any item like food products, paper and stationary, apparel and pharmaceutical supplies. Plus with sustainable solutions, these durable boxes can cut costs and expenses.

Protective Packaging

Although corrugated boxes come in many thicknesses and sizes, they are tried and true when it comes to durability. Fragile and delicate content always remains secure in corrugated packaging. Moreover, the protective material has tear resistant properties that hold the packaging together to further shield products. For example, food items like pizza can endure long transport times and be protected against moisture until delivery.

Easy to Seal

Cardboard boxes are easy to seal and will hold firmly together. For shipping needs, metal staples work well and do not tear the packaging. The surface material also holds tape and glue. For local delivery, cardboard boxes close effortlessly with a secure seal.

Economical Solutions

Corrugated cardboard boxes are one of the most cost effective packaging options on the market. For one, the cost of manufacturing the cardboard packaging is minimal. The expenses for labor and tools to construct the boxes are very low. Furthermore, the lightweight material reduces the cost of shipping immeasurably.

Corrugated boxes also stack easily and decrease the amount of storage space needed. Additionally, expenses for marketing are decreased with customised printing on the packaging. Plus more customers are generated with stylized printing on the boxes.

Sustainable Materials

Corrugated boxes offer Eco friendly packaging results with the use of sustainable materials. They are recyclable and reusable. And with the use of ecological and practical materials, a business reduces their footprint on the eco system plus drastically lowers their costs.

Customised Packaging

Because there are countless types of products, customised packaging is essential for optimum results. Designs can be as complex or simple as necessary, depending on the needs of packaging. For instance, more precise requirements can include boxes that can be folded into various shapes and sizes to accommodate a large variety of packaging criteria. Customised packaging can also be specifically designed for one product. Either way, custom-made boxes offer ultimate protection and extreme durability to ensure reliable packaging for both business and residential needs.


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