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Showcase Your Baked Goodies with Quality Cake Boxes

January 20, 2016

The most common reason to use cake boxes is to protect your baked goods. In fact, any professional baker will insist that their goods only be transported in a solid cake box so that it arrives undamaged. However, there are a lot more benefits in using cake boxes than for protective packaging. In fact, quality cake boxes are one of the best forms of advertising and showcasing your goods.


One of the most crucial features of packaging is promoting your products. Not only is it important that your baked goods arrive safety but the initial appearance needs to be top of the line. This is because the presentation of your baked goods makes a big impact on your customers.

The design of cake boxes generally has three different purposes.

  • Introduce a brand new product to consumers
  • Improve the current packaging for an existing product
  • Add a new product to an existing product such as a new twist on your sugar cookies

There are also other factors for redesigning the packaging for your baked goods. Some of the important reasons include more visibility, to extend a product, a change in market strategy, to increase sales, a preference for higher quality or other reasons. However, even small packaging changes can have a considerable effect on your business.

Effective Strategy

There is always strategy involved in order to effectively showcase your baked goods. Whether a new product is being added or it is an existing one, your packaging needs to captivate the attention of consumers.

There are numerous ways to showcase your products successfully. However, there are a few key features that are very significant to proficient and successful marketing. For one, in order to seize the eye of consumers you need a creative label.

One of the best and most professional looking labels is with the use of lithographic printing. This type of printing is clean and crisp, giving a greatly enhanced presentation to your packaging. And with an excellent graphic design and print highlights, your goods will have ultimate market presentation.

Size Matters

When it comes to packaging, size and shape really matter. And in order to showcase your goods professionally, your cake boxes should fit proportionally. However, there are many packaging companies have a limited variety of sizes. This makes it difficult to display your baked goods expertly.

For one, not all orders are a standard size and oftentimes customers request a certain sized cake. Placing a cake into an ill-sized box is a huge marketing error. Not only does it ruin the presentation but it can affect your business. However, perfect sized quality cake boxes show professionalism and that you care about your customer.


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