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Make a Good Impression with Proper Litho-Laminate and Lithographic Printing for Your Packaging Needs

December 7, 2015

When it comes to marketing, litho-laminate and lithographic printing can make a huge impression on your business. Not only does it produce high quality results but the printing is versatile and cost effective. It is no wonder that this type of printing is increasingly becoming popular.

Unsurpassed Print Quality

Litho-laminate and lithographic printing creates clear and crisp images or text. Additionally, it can be applied to a variety of materials. In fact, the printing method adheres to about any printing surface. The printing also avoids creating impressions and marks in the material, which is a common with metal plates. The innovative technique of lithographic printing uses rubber sheets to transfer images or text to the material. The bending feature is how it accommodates most surfaces, resulting in a smooth finish.

Litho-laminate printing creates the greatest level of photo realistic graphics. It is suitable for all markets that need high quality images like food and beverage, electronics and entertainment.

No Impressions

Printing such as gravure and letterpress will oftentimes make an impression like an indentation or raised lines. As well, these types of printing methods can leave rings of ink and jagged edges. When it comes to packaging, the marks and flaws can detract from the image and text plus make the print look unprofessional. Additionally, impressions make it difficult to stack the items therefore increasing shipping and storage costs.

Lithographic printing leaves no impressions whatsoever. They have a clean and flush line which greatly reduces transportation and storage costs. Also, the crisp look makes is easy to read and has an uplifting impact on marketing.

Minimal Cost

Quite frankly, lithograph printing was initially invented by Johann Alois Senefelder in 1796. His objective was to provide a cost effective alternative to copperplate engraving.

The biggest expense in offset lithography is the set up costs. Even though this type of printing is not cheaper for small projects, it is very economical for high volume. Actually, the unit cost of each page is drastically reduced as the quantity increases. This makes lithographic printing the most efficient and inexpensive method for creating quantities of high quality material.


Litho-laminate and lithographic printing is extremely versatile, making it easy to fit your packaging needs. The efficient high-speed printers are used for medium and large printing jobs such as newspapers, books, catalogues, magazines and flyers for advertising. The slower printers are sheet-fed and have more detail. They are used for small to medium printing jobs like coupons, greeting cards, posters, mail inserts and art reproduction. Both types of printers are great for packaging, depending on your business needs. Additionally, lithographic presses are suited for other printing surfaces besides paper like metal, textiles, leather, wood and plastic.


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