Order Your Australian-Made Custom Cake Boxes, Trays and Bases in Sydney

In your Sydney restaurant or store, you may have a stunning selection of tasty delicacies on display. When customers come in, they can't help but admire the many shapes, styles, colours and decorations of your cakes and pastries.

But though your desserts stay safe and sound on the shelf, they might not last long during delivery without the right container. If your clients want to take home a slice of pound cake or a quarter of red velvet cake, a paper plate won't be enough to protect the piece from jostling.

If you need reliable packaging for your sugary creations, call on Ragi Packaging Services PTY LTD. We have a huge selection of Australian-made, food-grade cake boxes, bases and trays worthy of your culinary masterpieces.

Take Pride in Your Presentation

As with any industry, first impressions matter a great deal when you serve food. If your customers don't like the look of your Bundt cake, they likely won't want to taste it. Similarly, if clients don't like the appearance of your cake boxes, they likely won't choose your company out of a line-up.

At Ragi Packaging, we can customise your packaging with lithographic printing. If you wish, we can put your Sydney company name, logo, contact information and colours on your cake boxes so each delivered product makes a lasting impression.

Additionally, we make our poly-board boxes and trays in house, and they come in any number of sizes, materials, thicknesses and shapes. We can create a custom box that meets your specifications.

Talk to Us About Your Next Order

No matter if you cater to events, if you run a small cafe or if you distribute cake in bulk throughout Sydney, Ragi Packaging can supply you with Australian-made cake boxes for your needs.

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