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Cake Boxes Are Not Just for Cakes

September 8, 2015

For any bakery business, it is important to have the correct size cakes boxes with high quality packaging and a striking label for marketing. Much time and energy can be spent selecting and designing the perfect cake box for your business. But what many businesses may not realize; personalized cake boxes can be utilized for other things. In truth, well designed durable cake boxes are a cost effective solution for packaging many products.


Cake boxes are the perfect size for pies and keep them very protected. In addition, cake circles fit flawlessly under the pie for added protection and a nice display. And when it comes to finding quality packaging for “high pies”, cake boxes do not squish the top of the pie like other boxes do.


Cake boxes have an impeccable structure that holds cupcakes beautifully. They keep your bakery goods safe and have a striking presentation of your own design. And like most bakeries, cupcakes come in many different sizes. With cake boxes, you can have them custom made so your specially sized cupcakes fit perfectly in the box. So if you have wanted to package jumbo sized cupcakes for your client, then cakes boxes are the solution.

Doughnuts and Pastries

A quality doughnut box is extremely important. It needs to be eye-catching plus stay robust under the strain of moist and plump pastries. Unfortunately, most doughnut and pastry boxes do not hold up and unfortunately your lovely baked good arrive damaged. But when utilizing cake boxes to hold your special doughnut and pastries, you can design the boxes to your specified needs. You decide what material, thickness and size is best for your baked goods. And for extra support, you can add trays and bases.


Cookies fit gorgeously inside a cake box. And since cakes boxes are extra durable and can be customized to size, your cookies will be transported safely. Plus utilizing your customized cake boxes will cut costs and increase sales with effective labeling.


Like pastry boxes, candy boxes need to be very durable and attractive. Cake boxes offer extra protection compared to the standard candy box, especially when you can specify the thickness. You can also select the color of box you desire, so that it matches your confections. And with customized lithographic printing, you can easily market your baked goods.

Gable Boxes and More

At Ragi Packaging Services, we offer a huge variety of quality food grade cake boxes plus gable boxes (with handles), bases and trays. Not only do we have the full range of industry sized cake boxes but you can have your cake boxes custom made to fit your needs. Including custom designed lithographic printing. And at Ragi Packaging Services, no job is too small or large.


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